The BYOD (bring your own device) generation brings with it a complicated set of access issues for corporate environments. Cisco's ISE NAC (network access control) solution provides network access policy enforcement and profiling of almost limitless device types, smartphones, tablets, Windows laptops, Macbooks, you name it. Cisco's solution can scan a laptop to verify that the O/S patches and anti-virus controls are up to date before allowing access to corporate resources. It can profile tablet types and quarantine or limit them to guest internet access only. The solution can police only wireless devices, or can be integrated with the switching architecture to police wired devices also. The solution also dovetails into Cisco's Prime network management software platform, which gives greater control and visibility into network health and user activity than any prior platforms ever before. Rogue devices can be tracked, triangulated, and identified on nearly live floorplan maps tied into a Cisco controller based wireless system.

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